Healthcare ads
Studies have shown that some representatives of our healthcare industry have been deceptively advertising their services to consumers. These ads often misrepresent the education, training, skills, degree, license, or clinical expertise of health care providers - resulting in confusion for many patients. Nationwide surveys conducted in 2008 and 2010 revealed many Americans are unsure of the qualifications possessed by the many physicians, technicians, therapists, nurses and medical assistants who treat them. Advocates say advertisements for professional healthcare services must be accurate and clear to all consumers.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC), operated by organizations that oppose abortion, offer abortion, pregnancy and childbirth counseling to women. Some also offer financial assistance, child-rearing resources and adoption referrals. Until recently suspending them, CPCs ran ads for "abortion care" and "pregnancy alternatives" -deceptively advertising services they did not provide. Many surveys have found CPCs routinely disseminate false medical information, including the health risks posed by abortion, to vulnerable women. Supporters say CPC’s right to counsel is permitted under our First Amendment.

Pending Legislation:
H.R.1741 - Truth in Healthcare Marketing Act of 2015

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