Well over 100 million people have perished in wars during the 20th century. The end of the Cold War gave many people hope that a new era of lasting peace was at hand. However, our world remains the venue for countless regional conflicts resulting from disputes over territory, resources, religion, culture and more. Currently, our nation is the most powerful and influential country on Earth, affecting many people in most parts of the globe. America provides food and medicine to many millions of people in nearly 100 needy countries. We help resolve conflicts between nations and pioneer most of the world's medical and scientific advancements that benefit all of humanity. However, some advocates claim we are not fully aware of the effects our corporate and foreign policies have on the people of other nations. They claim some of these effects are responsible for anti-American feelings in parts of the world. At times, while developing the resources of other countries, our corporations have damaged their environments and harmed their people. At times, our government has supported repressive or non-representative regimes, and has used military force without adequate justification and before exhausting diplomatic options. Advocates say we should consider those affected by all our corporate and foreign policies if we are to bring about a new era of lasting peace. They claim we need a cabinet-level voice in our executive branch who will advocate for a more peaceful approach to attaining foreign policy objectives. The purpose of this department, which would have input on foreign as well as domestic policy decisions, would be to study and promote the conditions that are conducive to building domestic and international peace.

Pending Legislation:
H.R.1111 - Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2015

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March 26, 2020
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April 1, 2020

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