Stadium security
Fan violence at sporting events is nothing new. Most spectators have experienced fans shouting obscenities, throwing objects, and harassing or fighting other fans or members of opposing teams. Security officials say alcohol is by far the biggest factor responsible for most of the stadium violence we experience at games and in parking lots. Not long ago, separate incidents at California stadiums resulted in two fans being shot and nearly beaten to death, while a third was stabbed to death. A Dallas player was struck in the head with a bottle after scoring the winning goal in a soccer match. Three people were stabbed outside Mile High Stadium after a Denver Broncos loss and another fan was killed after an altercation outside Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium. Critics say that if pro sport franchises and stadiums want revenue from beer and wine sales, they should be required to ensure spectators are not hurt by drunken fans. They also say that if alcohol is allowed at tailgate parties, stadiums should secure parking lots and refuse admission to anyone who is obviously intoxicated.

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