High school sports
Our most common high school sport is basketball, with about 18,000 schools fielding both boys and girls teams. Football has the most participants among high school sports with more than 1.1 million student athletes competing at 14,000 schools. Nearly 7.7 million, or 55% of all high school students, now play organized sports. Surveys have shown that in 2011, 40,000 more high school students played sports than in 2010. This was the 22nd consecutive year participation has increased in high school sports. However, the average annual increase in participation over these 22 years has been about 100,000 students per year. Educators say this recent slowdown in growth is because of reduced budgets at many schools. Studies have consistently shown that student athletes perform better in school than students who don't play sports. Many say sports also help keep kids out of trouble, teach principles of teamwork, and impart leadership skills to participants. Even so, many school districts continue to slash athletic budgets and raise participation fees, with schools in less wealthy districts cutting these programs the most. Educators say extracurricular programs such as sports, arts and music are important elements in a complete and well-rounded education for all high school students.

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