National collegiate athletic association
The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a nonprofit entity that administers intercollegiate athletic programs for 1,200 colleges here and in Canada. The NCAA is accused of exploiting many young athletes because it reaps billions of dollars for itself and other private institutions while refusing to compensate those responsible for its success. It is said the NCAA and universities pay little to furnish the “theater, actors, lights, music and audience for a drama that is neatly measured into TV time slots. The only things the networks need to bring are their cameras and a check.” It is estimated that more than $6 billion is annually generated by university athletic programs through ticket sales, television contracts, endorsements and advertising.

However, most scholarship athletes live in poverty conditions while attending college. Often, the demands of college sports leave little time for part-time jobs or for majoring in challenging curricula. NCAA officials claim its athletes are fairly compensated with $100,000 scholarships which cover tuition, fees, room and board. Opponents disagree, saying most of these scholarships are not worth much because most universities leave athletes unprepared for post-sports careers. It has recently been discovered that for decades, in order to maintain academic eligibility, a least one major university has funneled its athletes into worthless, fraudulent classes without significant attendance, studying or grading requirements.

Other NCAA criticisms include its practice of selling ads and product endorsements featuring a player wearing a sponsor’s clothing, or being portrayed in a video game, without compensating that player. The NCAA is also criticized for its lack of due-process protections when taking disciplinary actions against athletes and schools.

Pending legislation:
H.R.2731 - National Collegiate Athletics Accountability Act

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