Abortion funding
Many Americans who believe that abortion is murder wish to prohibit doctors and health maintenance organizations (HMO) from performing this procedure. Others believe abortion is a woman’s fundamental civil right and should be offered by all HMOs. Some Americans object to public funds being used for organizations which provide abortion services. Pro-life groups say this funding is responsible for the murder of countless unborn, contrary to the wishes of many taxpayers. Others disagree, saying direct federal funding for abortions has been outlawed for many years. In 2011, Planned Parenthood performed at least 334,000 abortions at more than 750 clinics. In 2012, it received nearly 45%, or about $542 million, of its annual funding from government grants and contracts including Medicaid. Critics say this underscores the need to prohibit federal funding of this organization. Supporters claim Planned Parenthood provides a wide range of reproductive health services aside from abortion, including pregnancy testing and contraceptive services. Its annual report showed this organization provided sexually transmitted disease treatment for 4.5 million Americans and cancer screening and prevention services for 1.3 million others. Planned Parenthood claims abortion services comprise only 3% of the healthcare services it provides to women. In some rural areas, the Planned Parenthood clinic is the only affordable reproductive healthcare option for people without insurance. It says that one in five American women have visited a Planned Parenthood clinic at least once in her life. Pro-life advocates claim the number of abortions will increase with the health insurance plans offered under Obamacare. They also claim the cost of providing abortions will be paid by everyone participating in these plans. Pro-choice advocates say those who choose to enroll in a health plan that offers abortion services under the Affordable Care Act are required to pay a surcharge.

Pending Legislation:
H.R.217 - Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act

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