Aquatic ecosystems
Aquatic ecosystems are bodies of water that support communities of marine or freshwater organisms dependent upon each other and their environment. Human development, encroachment and pollution have damaged more than 70% of our nation's rivers and streams, some of them severely. Nearly 40% of our nation's rivers and streams do not meet standards for swimming safety or fishing sustainability. Non-point source pollution such as soil erosion from logging, oil runoff from city streets, acid mine drainage, and nutrients from farm fertilizers are blamed for some of the destruction to our streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries, islands, wetlands, beaches and vernal pools. Healthy aquatic ecosystems benefit us by filtering pollutants from our water supply and providing spawning, feeding and nursery habitats for our fisheries. They also provide countless recreational opportunities for millions of Americans. Advocates say that in order for these degraded ecosystems to regain their functionality, they must be returned to their original condition -or as close to it as possible.

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