Military women’s health
Women serving in our military face unique personal challenges that most of their male counterparts do not. These challenges include healthcare that is inadequately tailored to women, balancing family life with a military career, and high rates of sexual harassment and assault. Retiring female soldiers cite "the amount of time separated from family" as the most important reason for leaving the military. Military life takes a great toll on the marriages of our servicewomen. The marriages of female troops fail at a rate three times that of male troops. Military service is also associated with unique risks to women’s reproductive health. Advocates say female troops deployed to war zones often lack the access to female-specific medical services and sanitary equipment, increasing the difficulty of hygienic management of menstruation. This may predispose these soldiers to a greater risk of gynecologic conditions such as urinary tract infections. Deployment may also interrupt a woman’s preventive cancer care. The rate of abnormal Pap test results may be elevated among women who are deployed to war zones. Timely access to appropriate cervical cancer screening is critical for all women. Studies of pregnant veterans have showed that hormonal and physiological changes associated with pregnancy may bring out or worsen conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder or depression. Experts also say that settling back into a typical civilian routine after experiencing combat can be very difficult –for women as well as men. The suicide rate of female veterans is three times higher than it is for civilian women. Many of these tragedies occurred after these women warriors had already returned home safely.

Pending Legislation:
H.R.218 - CHAMPVA Children's Protection Act of 2015
S.469 - Women Veterans and Families Health Services Act of 2015

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