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Civilians may be surprised to know that about 2.5 million members of our armed forces have served our country during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than a third of these brave servicemembers have served multiple deployments, and at least 400,000 of these warriors have served three or more tours of duty. Incredibly, at least 37,000 indomitable members of our armed forces have been deployed more than five times. As of September 2013, more than 1.6 million soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen had transitioned to veteran status. About 670,000 veterans have been awarded disability status as a result of injuries received in the line of duty. Another 100,000 injured vets have disability claims pending. The number of new disability claims submitted by veterans is expected to rise for many years, and even decades. For vets returning in good health, finding a job is often the most pressing priority. Many employers recognize the valuable intangibles that most military-trained men and women possess. These qualities include leadership, expertise, stress management, discipline and the ability to work effectively in teams to accomplish a goal. However, our economy is still feeling the effects of the Great Recession and good jobs are not plentiful for veterans -or many other jobseekers either. Advocates say more educational opportunities and job training programs are needed to help remedy this situation. Recruiting more Veterans for open employment positions would also help.

Pending Legislation:
H.R.366 - Putting Our Veterans Back to Work Act of 2015
H.R.76 - Helping to Encourage Real Opportunity for Veterans Transitioning from Battlespace to Workplace Act of 2015
S.218 - Veterans to Paramedics Transition Act of 2015

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