Private military contractors
In an effort to operate more effectively and economically, our military is now following the lead of our corporations. Among the corporate strategies our Pentagon has adopted are outsourcing and the use of private contractors. Private military companies mostly employ ex-military personnel to provide services to our troops, gather intelligence, and work as bodyguards protecting individuals and facilities. These private contractors are prohibited from using offensive force in war zones and are considered unlawful combatants if they do. The private military and security industry is now a $100 billion/year business as these contractors do not come cheaply. In 2008, private contractors made up just 28% of the workforce of our intelligence community but cost these agencies 50% of their personnel budgets. One government study found our intelligence services are paying private analysts $250,000/year compared to the $125,000/year government analysts make. Overall, it is estimated we pay private contractors 83% more than we pay federal employees for the same services. Critics say our Defense Department is not a corporation and should not be operated like one. They claim we should not be hiring expensive private contractors to provide services for our military when we could perform these jobs in-house and realize significant savings.

Pending Legislation:
H.R.65 - Civilian Contractors Engaged in Intelligence Activities Reduction Act of 2015

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