Television ratings system
Most parents wish to control their children’s viewing of mature-rated movies and TV programs. The violence-rated chip (v-chip) technology, which allows television sets to block violent-rated shows, is ineffective because media companies often do not rate their violent programming as violent. Studies have shown at least 70% of all violent programming is not specifically rated for violence. A study of TV-PG rated shows found nearly 11 incidents of explicit adult content per hour. The violence in these shows included “dismemberment, decapitation and animal abuse.” Critics claim our media’s age-based rating system is not a content-based rating system. They say age ratings are merely Hollywood’s and Madison Avenue's idea of what is appropriate for our children. Critics claim studies have shown our media industry continues to deliberately market inappropriate material to children, regardless of its rating. According to one survey, American parents overwhelmingly prefer a simple ratings system that tells them what is in a program, rather than one that gives them advice on whether their children should be allowed to view it. Industry advocates claim these TV rating surveys are flawed and that most parents are satisfied with the current TV ratings system.

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