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Merchants spend billions of dollars each year to advertise on television because audiences are effectively influenced by this medium. In much the same way, many claim, children and adults are also effectively influenced by the violence they see on that same medium. Our television industry is blamed for desensitizing violence and making aggressive behavior more acceptable in our society. Studies have found a high correlation between media violence and aggressive or violent behavior in children. It is estimated that by the time they finish elementary school, children who have watched 3-4 hours of TV a day have viewed more than 8,000 murders. By age 18, the average American child has viewed more than 200,000 acts of TV violence. A 17-year study found that watching television triggers aggressive responses -and not only in young children. Studies have found that by age 30, those who watched more than an hour of TV a day, whether or not they watched programs that were rated as violent, were nearly four times more prone to committing aggressive acts including robbery, battery, rape and murder as those limiting daily viewing to an hour or less. Television broadcasts are readily available to most children and many watch more than 3 hours of network or cable TV each day. At least half of all American children have a television in their bedroom. Child advocates believe that violent and adult programming, including violent cartoons, should not be broadcast during the time children are likely to view them.

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