School commercialization
Partly due to shrinking budgets caused by the Great Recession, some of our 100,000 public schools have rented out space for the placement of commercial advertisements on school property. These ads, often plastered in cafeterias or on lockers or busses, are seen by a portion of our 50 million school children each day. Corporate-sponsored TV programs are also shown in classrooms and commercialized radio plays on school buses. School notifications to parents sometimes include ads for local products or services. Parents complain they cannot control their children’s exposure to school ads as they can with other ads –by merely turning off the TV or computer. Advocates say our children see enough ads on TV, the Internet and on cereal boxes. They claim it is unethical to subject a young captive audience to such commercialization. They say Los Angeles advertisers have been touting a “unique form of advertising” in elementary schools, one that “caters to a captive audience where viewers can’t change the channel or turn the page.” School administrators defend their actions out of necessity, saying they can save art, music and sports programs with advertising revenue.

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