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More than 90% of all American adults now own a cellular phone and more than half of these cellphones are smart phones. Mobile marketing via short message service, or spam text, is the name given to the cellular service that allows companies to send unsolicited text ads to consumer’s cellphones. This form of marketing is rapidly expanding as a new channel to reach potential customers. Spam text supporters claim that mobile marketing benefits customers by sending personalized purchasing information which is time and location sensitive. Companies often use location-based ads to send a sales-pitch to consumers entering a shopping mall or when passing a theatre or restaurant. Many spam text critics consider these unwanted messages a nuisance and a violation of privacy. They also claim spam texts are sometimes used to install malware on mobile devices in order to collect personal information from cellphone users -including information used to steal one’s identity. Advocates say that for marketing purposes, merchandisers could track the aggregate presence of cellphone users without violating an individual’s right to privacy.

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