School facilities
Like much of our nation’s infrastructure, the average American public school is over 40 years old and past its expected lifetime. Most of our schools were built for the Baby Boom generation and more than a third of them need extensive repairs or complete rebuilding. Nationally, these construction cost estimates exceed $100 billion. However, when adding the cost of equipping schools with computers and other modern technology, this estimate nearly triples. Advocates say that when schools begin to deteriorate, student achievement does also. They say students learn best when taught in smaller classes and in adequate facilities equipped with technology and resources that help maximize their abilities and fulfill their potential. Currently, many of our public school students attend overcrowded schools with broken bathrooms, poor ventilation, leaking roofs and sporadic electric power. These conditions, among others, have caused many American families to seek alternatives to placing their children in our public school system. Statistics tell the tale of student-teacher ratios in private and public schools: 25% of our nation’s schools are now serving only 10% of our nation’s students. There are now more than 5 million PK-12 students, or about 10% of our nation’s total, attending about 31,000 private schools, which is about 25% of all our nation’s schools.

Pending Legislation:
H.R.1962 - Investing for Tomorrow's Schools Act of 2015
S.451 - Enhancing Education Through Technology Act of 2015

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