Head start
Early childhood, the first six years of life, is a critical time for children to develop the physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills they will need for the rest of their life. Good nutrition and health care are essential to maximize this developmental process. Head Start is a 48 year-old $6.4 billion federal program helping children attain this goal. Head Start is one of our most successful and longest-running programs fighting systemic poverty. About 30 million children from low-income families have attended Head Start programs and there are about a million children enrolled today. Beginning at age three, Head Start kids learn fundamental cognitive skills while developing the social and emotional capabilities to begin school. Head Start feeds these children and provides medical, dental and mental health care. Their parents learn about nutrition, child development, and are guided into appropriate community programs if needed. However, due to budget constraints, only 3 of 5 eligible children are currently enrolled in one of the 2,500 Head Start programs nationwide. To make matters worse, at least 58,000 children were cut from Head Start programs in 2013 due to budget sequestration cuts.

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