There are nearly 350 languages spoken in America. In nearly one third of all American households, English is not the primary language spoken. In 2012, there were about 4.5 million students, or about 9% of all our students, who were English language learners. Some critics view bilingual education as an impediment, rather than a means, to acquire proficiency in English and to assimilate into our culture. Some fear the use of Spanish in our country may someday threaten English. They point to Canada, divided over the use of French and English, and say this can happen to us. Supporters say bilingual skills are not threats to American society, but assets. They claim bilingual education programs were created to help second-language children learn English, obtain an education, and integrate into our society as contributing members. They say that without these programs, these children will lag behind their peers and may never fulfill their academic or personal potential.

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