By 2010, the worldwide ranking of American students had slipped to 29th in math, 22nd in science and 20th in reading. There is great desire to raise the academic performance of our students. Most states have developed tests to evaluate the performances of students and teachers. Those results are then compared with the scores in other parts of the nation to improve learning conditions in the lesser-performing areas. Sometimes tests are used to blame teachers for poor student achievement. Teacher groups cite poor school facilities, crime and insufficient budgets as reasons why all our children are not performing as well as desired. Not surprisingly, a disparity has been found to exist in the quality of an education received by students living in high-income areas compared with their peers from low-income areas. Many administrators believe one reason our student’s performance is slipping is because each state does not teach the same academic material and skills. Their solution has been an initiative called he Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative which was created to establish consistent educational standards across the states. CCSS is a program that prescribes what k-12 students should learn in mathematics and English language arts/literacy by the time they complete each grade. If successful, all students will have attained the knowledge and skills necessary to graduate from high school, succeed in college and perhaps also in life, regardless of where they live. Forty-three states, the District of Columbia, four territories and the Department of Defense Education Activity have adopted CCSS. However, some states wish to set their own academic standards.

Pending Legislation:
H.R.193 - Core Opportunity Resources for Equity and Excellence Act of 2015
H.R.524 - Local Control of Education Act

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