Endangered species trafficking
Worldwide trafficking in endangered animals, animal parts and oils is the World’s third most lucrative form of smuggling -topped only by the illegal drug and arms trades. It is estimated the global trade in endangered animals is a $20 billion-a-year industry, with nearly $3 billion of this amount coming from Americans. Nearly 40% of this total, or about 40 million creatures, are poached from the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil, Earth’s most diversified region. These creatures include butterflies and insects, alligators, snakes, panthers, tiny tamarin primates, finches, parrots and macaws. The Amazon turtle, manatee and pink river dolphin are among some of the species harvested for their body parts and oils. As endangered species trafficking is an international issue, animal welfare advocates say the only solution to reduce or stop trafficking is to coordinate education and enforcement with other nations and agencies.

Pending Legislation:
S.27 - Wildlife Trafficking Enforcement Act of 2015

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