Research animals
The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) provides basic humane protections such as veterinary care, adequate food, transportation, housing and pain relief for animals under its jurisdiction. The AWA protects animals that are raised and slaughtered for consumption and covers some animals used in laboratory research. However, the mice, rats and birds used in medical and educational research are not protected under the AWA because they are currently characterized as “non warm-blooded animals” and therefore ineligible for AWA protection. These species make up an estimated 95% of the over 25 million animals used in U.S. laboratories today. Animal welfare advocates seek an AWA amendment proposal to extend the protections granted in this Act to these research animals. Researchers say animal research is necessary to save human lives and that whenever possible, they follow the informal three R’s rule – replacement, reduction and refinement, to reduce the numbers of research animals killed each year.

Pending Legislation:
H.R.746 - Animal Welfare in Agricultural Research Endeavors or AWARE Act
H.R.2849 - Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2015

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