Welcome. The duration of a Democracy Rules presentation cycle is 21 days. Click here for details.

Polling: You may vote for one issue in each sub-category displayed in this column. Polling remains open for 7 days, after which time the winning issues advance to the Pledging section.

Pledging: If you wish to affect the issues displayed in these columns, you may pledge money, write a letter to your representatives, or both. Pledges will be accepted from Day 8 through the end of each cycle. Issues remain in the pledging section for one week in order to allow administrators enough time to prepare effective trustee candidates.

Trustee Elections: Members who have pledged funds to an issue may vote for a recipient, or trustee, of those funds. This column is displayed from Day 15 through midnight (PST) of Day 21, the last day of the cycle.

Issue List Advocate Trustee List Legislative Trustee List
Week 1 - Polling
Week 2 - Pledging
Week 3 - Trustee Elections