Democracy Rules Employee Responsibilities
  • Executive Director – Approves trustee candidates, communications with the public, resolves disputes and is responsible for the affiliate’s fiscal integrity. The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the site's operation, effectiveness and morale, as well as upholding the reputation of Democracy Rules.

    Applicant Requirements: Affiliate executives must be ethical, motivated, social, responsible, organized, creative and able to encourage these qualities in others.

  • Assistant Executive Director – Supports the Executive Director and supervises the website’s presentation cycle, including the selection of issues and trustee candidates. The Assistant Executive Director also monitors our trustee’s actions and oversees the trustee evaluation process. Executives may periodically alternate positions and responsibilities.

    Applicant Requirements: Affiliate executives must be ethical, motivated, social, responsible, organized, creative and able to encourage these qualities in others.

  • Board of Directors – Supports the executive directors and ensures the affiliate is operating smoothly while conforming to the mission and philosophy of Democracy Rules. Affiliates depend on board members to provide financial resources to fund operations until self-sufficient. Board members, along with executives, also enact company policy, promote community outreach and organize citizen fundraising programs. If necessary, board members may appoint and replace executives and other administrators, although these actions may be appealed to Democracy Rules USA. Board leaders are rotated annually and may also rotate with executives, if desired.

    Applicant Requirements: Candidates must be ethical, motivated, responsible, creative and able to provide, through loan or gift, a portion of the financial resources needed for the initial period of an affiliate’s operation.

  • Administrator – Supervises the day-to-day functioning of a DR affiliate office including, managing employees, paying trustees and maintaining member, donor and trustee accounts. DR administrators will also be involved in public relations and marketing decisions. As in most offices, the skill of this administrator greatly affects the morale and efficiency of that organization.

    Applicant Requirements: Good organizational, supervisory, management and social skills are required of a DR administrator who will oversee staff, accountants, merchandisers and marketers. Office management experience would be useful.

  • Presentation Managers – Manages DR’s presentation cycles ensuring that issues are relevant, trustees are effective and timelines are met. This position combines the jobs of researcher and lobbyist. Presentation managers research social welfare issues and analyze potential solutions proposed by individuals, advocate and government groups. These managers negotiate directly with trustee candidates and later evaluate the effectiveness of those negotiations.

    Applicant Requirements: Applicant Requirements: Creativity. Good research and communication skills. Immunity from the effects of pressure. Previous experience in negotiations or sales would be useful.

  • Security Technician – This position also involves multiple tasks. Security technicians monitor website functions and maintains DR issues, archives, homepage functions as well as sending various communications to members. They also perform manual fraud investigations, monitor and improve website security and suspend members' access when appropriate.  

    Applicant Requirements: Computer security or fraud investigation experience. Basic data input skills. Computer programming and hacking skills could also be useful.

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