Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Democracy Rules Affiliate licensing?

    Democracy Rules offers affiliate licenses to people wishing to operate an individualized version of the Democracy Rules website in regions not served by DR USA. National affiliates will address national issues while state and metropolitan affiliates will address local issues. Affiliates operate autonomously but are expected to abide by the mission and philosophy of Democracy Rules. Affiliate licenses are offered to the residents of each the world’s 123 democratically governed nations, to each of the largest 275 metropolises located within these democratic nations, and to each of the 50 states in the U.S. as well as the District of Columbia.

  • What is the Democracy Rules self-nomination process?

    This is an automated process by which qualified residents declare themselves a candidate for a Democracy Rules affiliate administrative position, post their resumes for public display, and are elected by fellow candidates.

  • How many affiliate positions may a candidate apply for?

    Qualified residents may nominate themselves for only one administrative position at only one affiliate. Affiliate administrator positions include: Executive and Assistant Director, Board of Directors, Administrator, Presentation Cycle Manager, and Security Technician.

  • What information should be included in candidate resumes?

    Resumes may be submitted in the candidate’s native language and should be limited to about 400 words. Candidates should describe their previous personal and work experiences, resources they have to offer, reasons for wishing to lead a Democracy Rules affiliate, and the goals they wish to accomplish as an administrator. A candidate’s resume and either their actual or pen name will be publicly displayed. The resumes of winning candidates will be verified after the final election by fellow elected administrators.

  • What are Democracy Rules Primary and Affiliate Elections?

    These two elections allow self-nominated candidates to select one another for affiliate administrator positions. The Primary Election, lasting seven days, is conducted after each employment position field has been filled. The Primary Election will qualify the top half of the most popular candidates for the second election called the Affiliate Election which is conducted ten days after the conclusion of the primary vote. Candidates may not vote for themselves in either election. This second and final election, also lasting seven days, conditionally certifies the winning candidates as affiliate employees. Elections for each administrative position will be conducted individually, after each applicant field has been completed.

  • Who is eligible to vote in the Primary and Affiliate Elections?

    Only candidates are eligible to vote in these elections, and only the winning Primary Election candidates are eligible to vote in the Affiliate Election.

  • How will candidates be notified of when to vote?

    All registered candidates will be e-mailed before each election once the applicant field has been completed.

  • For whom may a candidate vote?

    Candidates registered in an administrative position field are only permitted to vote for a candidate within that field. Candidates may vote for only one person and may not vote for themselves.

  • How are voting ties resolved?

    In the event of a tie, the candidate with the earliest signup date is selected.

  • What are conditionally-elected administrators?

    Conditionally-elected administrators are candidates who won the Affiliate Election. These administrator-elects are certified as official Democracy Rules affiliate administrators only after verification of their qualifications, resumes, backgrounds and resources by their fellow administrator-elects.

  • Who are administrator-elect alternates?

    The position of any disqualified administrator-elect will be awarded to the candidate who received the next most votes in the Affiliate Election. Also, non-elected candidates will be given priority consideration when an affiliate is filling its staffing needs.