Democracy Rules Affiliate Licensing
Nearly 65% of the world's population, or about 4 billion people, reside in 123 countries governed by some form of electoral democracy. Democracy Rules intends to grant National Affiliate Licenses to groups of people wishing to represent each of these nations. Affiliates are expected to abide by DR’s mission and philosophy but will otherwise operate autonomously, serving members with presentation cycles dedicated to meeting the national needs of their populations. In addition, located within each of these democratic nations, there exist about 275 metropolises - areas in which at least 1 million people reside. Democracy Rules intends to grant Metropolitan Affiliate Licenses to groups of people wishing to address local issues in each of these metropolitan regions. Lastly, Democracy Rules offers State Affiliate Licenses to Americans interested in operating a DR affiliate in one of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.

Democracy Rules employs a self-selection process for applicants to elect one another to each affiliate administrative position. This process employs the use of two elections to select qualified affiliate administrators. Voting participation is limited to applicants registered for each position. Seriously interested and qualified applicants are encouraged to register and provide brief resumes for online display. A Primary Election for each administrative position is conducted after a predetermined number of applicants have registered. This election will qualify the top half of the most popular candidates for our second election called the Affiliate Election, conducted 10 days after the conclusion of the Primary vote. The results of this final vote will conditionally certify elected applicants as affiliate administrators. Conditions are removed after each affiliate has verified the resumes, backgrounds and commitments of each administrator-elect. Certified affiliates then travel to San Francisco for 3 days of training and the award of their affiliate license and website.

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