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D.c. statehood

The question as to whether to grant statehood to the residents of Washington, DC has long been debated. These 700,000 residents, some now serving in our military, outnumber the populations of Wyoming and Vermont. Supporters claim DC lacks equal voting representation in Congress, and its residents pay the highest federal taxes per capita compared to those living in states. Many of these residents felt their city was invaded by hostile National Guard troops sent by our former president during the George Floyd protests. This deployment occurred over the objections of DC Mayor Browser. To many residents, this event showed how powerless their city was and how unequal it is treated compared to other communities.

Since this potentially democratic-leaning city will be awarded a seat in the House and two in the Senate should statehood be granted, the Senate filibuster rule will likely need to be bypassed for it to be approved.

Pending legislation: S.51 - Washington, D.C. Admission Act
Sponsor: Sen. Thomas Carper (DE)
Status: Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Chair: Sen. Gary Peters (MI)

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