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Heart disease

About one of every five Americans will acquire heart disease or suffer a stroke in their lifetime. Heart disease is any condition that causes one’s heart to malfunction, including heart attack, stroke, angina and arrhythmia. Cardiomyopathy, or heart muscle disease, is a deterioration of the heart muscle which leads to heart failure. Those with this condition are often at risk of sudden cardiac death. Every year, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in America. Although strokes are more common in men, they are more fatal for women. Nearly 800,000 Americans die from heart disease and strokes each year, with women accounting for more than half of these deaths. In fact, heart disease kills more women than the next 14 causes of death combined. Experts say this could be because women live longer than men, giving them a greater likelihood of having a stroke, but there may be other unknown factors involved.

African Americans also suffer a disproportionate number of strokes compared to their peers. Studies have shown a solid link between high blood pressure and a high risk of heart disease. People with high blood pressure are often older, overweight and have high levels of cholesterol. Studies show cholesterol-lowering statin drugs benefit all heart patients including those with normal cholesterol levels. Diet, exercise and medication, including low doses of aspirin, are seen as the best ways to demote heart disease from first place on the list of America’s killers.

Pending Legislation: H.R.3561 - Return to Work Awareness Act
Sponsor: Rep. Joyce Beatty (OH)
Status: House Committee on Education and Labor
Chair: Rep. Bobby Scott (VA)

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