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Food allergens

Food allergens are typically naturally-occurring proteins in foods that cause abnormal immune responses. At least 32 million Americans are now living with potentially life-threatening food allergies – of which there is no cure and few treatments available. One in every 13 children has a food allergy. Our CDC reports that 25% of severe reactions experienced at school involve children who have no previous diagnosis of food allergy. A single mistake, such as ingesting the residue from food left on a desk, can cause severe illness or even death. Food allergy patients and families must think about every bite of every meal, every day. Undeclared or mislabeled allergens are also the primary reason for food recalls in the U.S. Our FDA has the authority to initiate allergen-related recalls. Recalls may be prompted by the manufacturer, as the result of an inspection by the FDA or another government agency, and sometimes by consumer complaints. There is only one FDA-approved allergen treatment, and it only helps those with peanut allergy. However, more than 1.5 million people are allergic to sesame, yet this fruit is not required to be included on any product labels.
Advocates say food labels need to be accurate and truthful to help people with food allergies stay safe, and that funding for additional research is crucial.

Pending Legislation: H.R.1202 - FASTER Act of 2021 (Passed Senate)
Sponsor: Rep. Doris Matsui (CA)
Status: House Subcommittee on Health (Energy and Commerce)
Chair: Rep. Anna Eshoo (CA)

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