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Most people experience challenges while growing up. It is the same with many LGBT youth, only more so. In School, most of these kids experience harassment, bullying and cyberbullying, hostile environments and a lack of support from teachers and school staff. One survey found nearly two thirds of LGBTQ students felt unsafe because of their gender expression and many have missed school for this reason. There are also higher levels of depression reported among students victimized for their sexual orientation or gender expression. One study showed that LGBTQ youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide that their peers, and nearly half of these youth have seriously considered taking their lives. Advocates say that these issues are far from resolved despite the national attention on bullying and suicide in recent years. They say LGBTQ children need supportive educators, enactment of comprehensive bullying and harassment policies, and safe spaces such as Gay-Straight Alliances integrated into our schools to solve some of the problems LGBTQ youths face while growing up.

Pending Legislation: H.R.1379 - Protecting LGBTQ Youth Act
Sponsor: Rep. David Scott (GA)
Status: House Committee on Education and Labor
Chair: Rep. Bobby Scott (VA)

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