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Intellectual propertty theft

Our intelligence agencies have disclosed proof of massive Chinese computer hacking operations that have targeted America and other nations. These targets include not only our military but our manufacturing, biotechnology, telecommunications, nanotechnology and clean-energy industries. Officials claim the theft of this technology is draining $400 billion from our economy each year and costing millions of American jobs. Corporate executives accuse China of committing the biggest theft in history. China uses several methods to obtain U.S. technology including espionage, exploiting corporations, and a network of academic, scientific and business contacts. A 2020 report from our Justice Dept. said this about one recent hack: “A federal grand jury in Spokane, Washington, returned an indictment in 2020 charging two hackers, both nationals and residents of the People’s Republic of China, with hacking into the computer systems of hundreds of victim companies, governments, non-governmental organizations, individual dissidents, clergy, and democratic and human rights activists in the United States and abroad, including Hong Kong and China.” Advocates warn our nation’s critical infrastructure is equally vulnerable to Chinese cyberattack.

Pending Legislation: S.1060 - Fair Trade with China Enforcement Act
Sponsor: Sen. Marco Rubio, Marco (FL)
Status: Senate Committee on Finance
Chair: Sen. Ron Wyden (OR)

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