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Military bases are exempt from federal and state environmental regulations. Critics say these exemptions have encouraged our military to discharge large amounts of toxic materials into our air, water and soil. They say this exemption has prevented cleanup efforts and endangered many people living on or near these bases. They claim our military should not be allowed to use its right of sovereign immunity to pollute our land, water and air. Our military is the world’s largest polluter, annually generating about 800,000 tons of toxic material worldwide. Every year, more that one-third of our nation’s toxic waste is generated by our Armed Forces. Several years ago it was estimated there were 27,000 toxic hot spots located on 8,500 American military properties in need of remediation. Health advocates say the Pentagon’s low-priority policy regarding the cleanup of military base pollution is resulting in increased rates of cancer, kidney disease, birth defects and miscarriage for those on or near these facilities.

Proposed Legislation: To require military bases to conform to federal environmental pollution protection laws and to be included under the jurisdiction of the EPA
Prospective Sponsor: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY)

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