Dairy farms

Dairy farming is the primary agricultural business in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Vermont and New Hampshire. More than 34,000 dairy farms provide milk, cheese and yogurt to Americans and other countries. About 97% of all dairy farms are family owned, and about 75% of these farms have fewer than 100 cows. Large farming concerns with more than 100 cows produce 85% of our milk. Most of these small and medium-sized family dairy operations have been experiencing great economic hardship for many years. The reasons for this are the increasing costs of producing milk, including feed and transportation, and the low price paid to farmers for the raw milk they send to market. The Covid-19 pandemic and the emergence of alternative milk – milk made from soy, rice, nuts, and oats has further cut into our dairy farmer’s income. These conditions leave them slim profit margins and it is estimated they receive only about 15 cents of every retail dollar spent on milk. Some say the supply of milk has outpaced its demand. Fortunately, the latest Farm Bill includes an improved Margin Coverage Program which makes payments to dairy farmers when the national income-over-feed-cost margin falls below a set level, providing more certainty and support during this downturn.

Proposed Legislation: To require the USDA to purchase dairy products for donation to food banks
Prospective Sponsor: Sen. Kirsten E. Gillibrand (NY)

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