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The Democracy Rules presentation cycle enables members to affect 350 issues each month. These issues are organized into 24 categories ranging from Agriculture to Terrorism. Each category is divided into several subcategories, and each subcategory usually contains 3 issues. After choosing your most important issue within a subcategory, you may then select support or oppose that issue.

Typically, there are 6 possible polling options for each subcategory - three issues, each with a support or oppose option. At the conclusion of the Polling week, the option with the highest number of selections in each subcategory will be “presented” to our members for pledge acceptance.

The duration of a DR presentation cycle is 21 days. The first week is dedicated to the Issue Poll. During the next 7 days, the winning issues are presented to our members for pledge acceptance. The minimum pledge accepted is one dollar and the time it takes to write a short letter to your representatives, if desired. Between the 15th and 21st days, members who have pledged to an issue may vote for the recipient, or trustee, of their pledge group’s funds. Please refer to our FAQ section for details.

Quick Start Instructions:
  1. Register and, if desired, deposit funds into your account. There is no registration fee and you do not need to fund your account to register.
  2. Click the “Issues” link on the blue header and select a category and sub-category in the Polling column.
  3. You may select one issue in each subcategory anytime during the 7-day polling period.
  4. On the 8th day, the winning issues advance from the Polling column to the Pledging column. If you wish to affect these issues, you may then pledge at least one dollar and send a short note to your representatives.
  5. Those who have pledged to an issue may then participate in the 7-day Trustee Election beginning on the 15th day. You may join a cycle at any time by pledging before the end of the Trustee Election on midnight of the 21st day.
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Democracy Rules thanks you for your participation and support.
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