Democracy Rules Mission

It shall be the mission of Democracy Rules to enable each American to directly affect every social welfare issue through lobbying efforts designed to counteract the special interest groups currently corrupting our nation's democracy.

Democracy Rules Philosophy

Democracy Rules is a free, nonpartisan, citizen’s lobbying organization open for membership to every American adult wishing to participate in affecting the most important issues facing society. Democracy Rules invites you to help shape our nation's future regardless of who is President, which party controls Congress or when the next election occurs. The democratic process determines the operation and dictates the actions of Democracy Rules. Each month, our members select their position on their most important issues. They may then pledge resources to affect those issues and finally, vote for the recipient of their pledges.

Our Founding Fathers intended for each and every citizen to participate in our governing process. They understood that only each person is able to best decide their own needs. They embraced the basic democratic principle that the needs of the majority reflect what is considered best for the nation as a whole. In theory, such a process should produce leaders and policies that reflect the needs of most citizens. However, it seems this basic democratic principle has been corrupted by the influence of special interest groups that are, of course, unrepresentative by nature. Injustices and inequities often exist when “the few” receive more consideration than “the many.” Throughout history, such conditions have fostered countless revolts, including the one waged by the Army of the Potomac in 1776.

Unfortunately, the undue influence of these groups is only partially responsible for our nation's current dilemma. Many Americans have decided against participating in elections and involving themselves in civic affairs. One likely reason for this apathy is our widespread distrust of lobbied officials. However, without public input, our leaders seem to be relying on more interested and organized groups such as lobbyists for facts, funding and policy decisions. Democracy Rules proposes to remedy this situation by combining our forefather's basic democratic principles with the effectiveness demonstrated by today's lobbying industry.

As important as each individual's letters, contributions and votes are to the health of our nation, DR believes the effectiveness of these actions will be greatly increased when performed in conjunction with other members. Compared to acting individually, DR’s presentation cycle process enables Americans to pool their resources and achieve a greater effect. This process can also keep attention focused on an issue long after it is out of the media spotlight. Should the same issue be reelected month after month, members could enact progressively ambitious actions to best affect it.

By definition, all DR members are political activists and we hope this awareness will lead to greater participation in civic affairs and on Election Day. Your membership could help elevate Democracy Rules above all other special interest groups since we will be able to deliver not only resources to affect an issue as they can, but also voices and votes - things they can't. It is also worth remembering that change will take time. Issues will rarely be affected by only a half-dozen presentation cycles. Sometimes our efforts will fail. Patience and perseverance are the hallmarks of all successful lobbying organizations.

Your participation could also help make DR the venue of a back-to-basics, grass-roots revolution in the way Americans are represented by their elected leaders. A revolution needed no less now than the one in 1776. Democracy Rules could be the best way for us all to participate in identifying, strategizing and affecting issues the way most people wish to see them affected. It could also be our last chance to compel our leaders to respond to the majority of individuals, rather than the individual few. Democracy Rules now asks for a few dollars and an hour of your precious time each week to help our democracy survive and serve us all. We will also ask you to vote. Welcome to the Revolution.


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