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More than 270,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and this disease annually takes the lives of about 42,000 Americans. Risk factors include obesity, genetic history and not birthing a child. Research has shown having children and nursing are important factors in reducing the chance of developing breast cancer, even more important than genetic fac7tors. Early diagnosis and treatment have greatly improved breast cancer survivability and nearly 70% of American women over 40 have had a mammogram in the last two years. Consequently, the number of deaths from breast cancer have fallen by nearly 40% since 1990. This is due to increased awareness of this disease by women, early detection and better treatments and medications such as tamoxifen.

However, in 2009, the United States Preventive Services Task Force began recommending against women ages 40 to 49 getting a mammogram, saying the “harms” of screening - the discomfort of squeezing the breast, the anxiety associated with an abnormal result, the chance of a false positive result requiring additional exams, biopsy, and the chance of detecting a cancer that is not be life threatening - outweigh the benefit of lives saved. This decision led to individual and group (employer) insurance plans no longer covering annual mammography exams with no cost sharing for millions of women ages 40 to 49. Doctors strongly disagree and say early detection of this disease is very important since it gives patients the option of pursuing less invasive, less debilitating and less expensive treatments.

Proposed Legislation: Reintroduction of H.R.4612 - Protecting Access to Lifesaving Screenings Act or the PALS Act
Prospective Sponsor: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL)

Polling Options

  • I oppose reforming current breast cancer policy and wish to donate resources to the campaign committee of Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA).
  • I support ensuring that women ages 40-49 continue to have access to annual screening mammography without cost sharing by: 1.) Requiring that any provision of law referring to current recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) with respect to breast cancer screening mammography be administered as if the provision referred to USPSTF recommendations last issued before 2009. 2.) Making those recommendations applied to any screening mammography modality, including any digital modality of such a procedure. 3.) Making this requirement also apply to the Veterans Health Administration’s policy on mammography screening for veterans. And wish to donate resources to the campaign committee of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) and/or to an advocate group currently working with this issue.

Winning Option

  • I oppose reforming current breast cancer policy and wish to donate resources to the campaign committee of Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA).
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