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Affirmative action programs were created in 1965 to redress the effects of past discrimination. Under these programs minorities, particularly African Americans and women, were given preferential treatment in securing school placement, jobs, promotions and business contracts. The intent of affirmative action programs was also to increase representation of minorities and women in occupations that traditionally had been unavailable to them. However, the racial quotas which were used to ensure minorities were getting good jobs and into good schools were found unconstitutional after complaints of reverse discrimination.

Critics claim affirmative action is unconstitutional and has already attained its goals. Supporters claim that without a means to compensate for systematic racial, cultural and economic prejudices, minorities will lose hard-fought representations in our schools, work place and society. Public opinion polls have shown that 75% of Americans oppose affirmative action in college admissions but 68% of Americans favor the principles behind affirmative action. Supreme Court rulings on the legality of school quotas did not overturn affirmative action. Rather, it said universities must first consider non race-based plans to include minorities at their schools and added that affirmative action plans could only be used as a last resort to diversify a student body.

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